The Only Roger is an Award-Winning International Creative who delivers concept, multilingual copy, creative direction and execution depending on the needs of the brand or brief. Across the ever evolving communications landscape.

Providing considered and conscious communication solutions with a keen eye on the business objective. Looking to deepen a brand’s presence with the creation of singular brand messages that permeate across all media, bought or owned. Holistic, smart and packing a punch.

From brand positioning, strong communication platforms and brand campaigns, to product (launch) campaigns, social media strategy, content management, guerrilla and brand activation.

He has been working as part of International Creative Team Rodge&Gordy for over a decade. As one of the Executive Creative Directors for Libresse Europe he created different campaigns for markets such as the Nordics, UK, France, Russia and the Adriatics all under the same umbrella concept, which successfully united all markets.

He was also part of the global MINI team and worked as part of the Robinsons Fruit Shoot lead team for the Dutch market, which campaign concept and execution spread internationally, from Europe to the United States and Australia.

Next to this, he co-created the 538 Stereoheads, which ran successfully for many years in the Netherlands. During this time radio station 538 regained the number one position in the Netherlands, which it maintained for years.

He was also one of the founders of 210KG Amsterdam, a one-stop-communications-shop, where he was Head of Copy and Creative Director, managing accounts such as The University of Amsterdam and Ecodenta Oral Care (BIOK LAB).

His ideas and campaigns spread throughout different media, from TV and interactive campaigns to integrated 360 campaigns.

He has great business understanding, a strong strategic insight and lots of brand positioning experience. And he strongly believes in campaign efficiency. Campaigns shouldn't just look good, they have to work too.

He's pretty proud to have won 2 Effie Awards, a Bronze one for Robinsons Fruit Shoot and a Silver one for Libresse Russia. 

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Axel Weiblen |  Global Brand Innovation Manager - Essity

'Truly enjoyed working with Roger. He showed great spirit and passion for what he's doing and has always been inspiring. We got to a strong comms idea which has been essential to make a difference in the category we are in. Great thanks to Roger.'

Simon Paterson | Manager Northern Europe - LinkedIn

'Highly creative, enjoyable to work with and spot on with his assessment of understanding client needs. Having worked with Roger on an internal campaign, he constantly managed me through the entire project with his specific inventive energizing style, yet never losing scope of the ask nor faltered when it came to what where at times unreasonable deadlines! A big thank you to Roger you were a pleasure to work with and already looking forward to our next project together.'

Ieva Čepononė | Head of Marketing - BIOK LAB

'When Roger truly loves a brand, he turns into Batman. Meaning, he will use all his super creative powers to make it sparkle. I’m impressed with his everyday passion and creativity when working on different projects. Also important to mention, Roger has an ecosystem way of thinking; he connects the right brands and people for a bigger customer value. I’m still extremely proud of the first campaign we worked on together - a (promo) collaboration between Ecodenta Black Whitening charcoal toothpaste & a very famous Dutch burger chain (because they prepared all their burgers in a Josper CHARCOAL indoor-oven). Also our latest collaboration campaign with a very famous Dutch dentist to create the best, natural whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth in the world, has been a real success so far. He comes highly recommended.'

Jessica van der Pluijm | Sr. Specialist International Marketing at De Bijenkorf [Selfridges Group]

'Zeer gewaardeerde, betrouwbare, vrijwel niet te evenaren positieve en creatieve ‘Mastermind’. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️'

Ari Dijkshoorn | Teamlead Marketing - University of Amsterdam

'Working with Roger on several We are U-campaigns was great fun and the result always very creative and effective. Roger is flexible, enthusiastic and genuinely involved with our team and the UvA. Thanks!'

Tiffany Mattson | Marketing & Sales Director OMGTEA

'Roger is one of the best creatives I have ever worked with. He has a strong commercial understanding and exceptional creative talent. As part of Rodge&Gordy he created the Robinsons Fruit Shoot ‘Rocket’ campaign for the Netherlands, which resulted in an increase of +71% retail sales and this was with 40% less investment than the year before! I highly recommend him and sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in future.'

Olga Zvonkova | Director Marketing Commercialization - SC Johnson

'What I especially liked about working with Roger is his ability to consider and feel the clients' brief but also going beyond. Thus, as part of team Rodge&Gordy, he often came up with more than expected; though with not like smth irrelevant, but insightful, inspiring and engaging. We worked on two projects together and in both cases the outcome was excellent - as well as further on-market performance of the campaigns we developed. This guy love what he does, which is a key to success.'

Robbert Dickmann | Client Service Director / Board Member - Superunion (WPP)

'There are a number of qualities which make a difference for me when working together with people : energy, creativity and quality. I found these qualities when working together with Roger and I keep on finding them no matter what type of client or project we take on. A creative mind that brings qualitative output in an energetic way. I highly recommend Roger and I am always happy to share my experiences when needed.'

Jon Evans | International Marketing Manager - Britvic (Robinsons Fruit Shoot)

'Roger & Gordana did some outstanding work creating the Fruit Shoot Go Explore campaign which has gone from strength to strength since launch including winning a Dutch Effie award! And Roger is one of the best creatives I have ever worked with and comes highly recommended!'

Simon Grove | Global Brands Development Director - Pentland Brands

'I've worked with Roger on a number of projects with great success. He has a great balance of being incredibly creative but pragmatic and works very collaboratively with his clients. Great fun to work with and genuinely cares about the brands he works on and people he works with.'

Goda Vengrauskaite | LABAS Brand Manager at BITĖ Lietuva

'What I like about Roger the most is that he is always enthusiastic, energetic and full of great ideas when speaking about projects he‘s working on. I had a great pleasure to work with him on a project for ECODENTA in Holland and witness his creativity, dedication and commitment that helped to achieve business results. I really hope to have an opportunity to work with him in the future!'

Thrill Grill

'Ik probeer mensen een 'smile in the mind' te geven, met sterke teksten die passen bij het karakter van Thrill Grill: opvallend en met een knipoog. Dat lijkt makkelijk, maar is het natuurlijk niet. Het mooie is: je zien ook het resultaat van je eigen teksten. Je wilt niet weten hoeveel mensen op Instagram foto's plaatsen met de tekst: 'For the love of greasy guys and dirty girls'. Dan weet je dat het goed zit.

The Most Discussed Advertising Campaign Of The Moment

'It is on everyone’s lips, the most discussed advertising campaign of the moment: commercial spots, online banners, print ads and every kind of events of the Dutch Radio 538 are all dominated by two indefinable, upsetting presences.'

Campaign Magazine

The spot shows a woman weighing herself and looking unhappy. She then takes off her clothes and jewellery and weighs herself again but still not satisfied she starts banging her head against the wall. A caption says "By banging your head against a wall you will lose 150 calories."

D&AD Student Awards Adidas

Matena kreeg de prijs voor zijn campagne concept 'It Takes 3 Stripes To Play' voor Adidas. De Global Student Awards zijn een jaarlijks terugkerend fenomeen van de D&AD, UK. Dit jaar werden ze op 29 juni uitgereikt.

Via funda platform

VIA FUNDA. Twee woorden die de kracht van funda op onvervreemdbare wijze claimen. Ik zoek via funda, verkoop via funda, (ver-)huur via funda, werk via funda, adverteer via funda. Kort, krachtig en visueel ingestoken met een heldere en kleurrijke iconentaal in alle design- en communicatiemiddelen.

Fruit Shoot x Doe Een Wens

Vandaag is bij Kasteel Hooge Vuursche in Baarn een 12-meter hoge Fruit Shoot springraket geland. Het 8-jarige wenskind Thomas gaf met een reuzensprong in deze raket het startsein voor de Fruit Shoot rakettour. Fruit Shoot wil kinderen aanzetten meer buiten te spelen en hun fantasie te stimuleren...

UvA plaagt Groningen, Leiden, Utrecht én de VU met campagneposter

Een opvallende campagne van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. In verschillende steden zijn posters van de UvA te zien waarmee (slogans van) andere universiteiten op de hak worden genomen. Zo hangt in Groningen een poster met de tekst 'er gaat iets boven Groningen', een parodie op de Groningse slogan 'er gaat niets boven Groningen'. Met de poster hoopt de UvA aandacht te krijgen voor de eigen masterdag. Ook in Leiden en Utrecht worden concurrerende universiteiten op de hak genomen, somt Folia woensdag op. De VU ontkomt ook niet aan de campagne van de UvA. Deze universiteit wordt geplaagd met haar locatie: 'Van de ring naar de binnenstad.'De campagne is weer eens wat anders, laat de UvA aan Folia weten.

Dieser Spot ist Zahnpastakunst in Schwarz-Weiß

Wie cool Zahnpastawerbung sein kann, zeigt der Spot für die Marke Ecodenta. Sie spielt mit einem besonderen Alleinstellungsmerkmal: Die Zahncreme ist schwarz. Es gibt kaum ein nüchterneres, weniger emotionales Produkt als Zahnpasta. Dass Werbung dafür trotzdem nicht zwangsläufig nach Dr. Best aussehen muss, beweist das litauische Unternehmen Biok Laboratories mit seinem Spot für die Ecodenta Black Whitening Zahncreme. Der wirkt fast wie Zahnpastakunst.

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